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Justin Raimondo: The Road to Dictatorship - Next stop, martial law?

No, I’m not talking about an ordinary bomb – violence would only embolden them. I’m talking about the debt bomb, which is scheduled to go off in the very near future. We won’t have to defeat the army of federal occupation militarily – because they’re about to go bankrupt. Just wait until they can’t pay their SWAT teams, their Homeland Security goons, their multitudinous minions in every snooping federal agency: do they imagine that these people will stay on out of loyalty or ideological fervor? Or out of "patriotism"? Well of course they don’t imagine that, which is why, these days, they’re notably nervous. This nervousness pervades elite circles in this country, and is expressed in a peevish impatience with any sort of dissidence, on any subject: if you fall out of line, they swat you – and you stay down, if they can help it. The tea-partiers, the antiwar protesters (such as they are), the stray politician who dares speak truth to power – anyone who expresses an opinion deemed outside the very narrow range of the permissible is automatically attacked as a "extremist," a dangerous "radical," and very possibly a potentially violent person whose every move is rightfully being mapped by the authorities. Intersecting with this skittishness is an impending sense of economic and social crisis. Real fear, such as we haven’t experienced in a mass way since 9/11, pervades the air: an entirely justified fear of an economic collapse. Last year, when the banks trembled on the edge of a very steep precipice, lawmakers were told "in private" that if the bank bailout wasn’t passed, "there would be martial law in America," as Rep. Brad Sherman (D-California) revealed on the House floor. "Now that’s what I call fear-mongering," said Rep. Sherman, but in my view this wasn’t a bluff. In the midst of an economic collapse, an "event" in which the stock market drops by, say, 5,000 points, and there’s a run on the dollar, as Ron Paul predicts, I don’t think there’s any question but that the authorities would immediately impose martial law.