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Detroit High Schools Teach How To Work at Walmart

Four Detroit public high schools have decided classroom time should be used to train 60 students to work at Walmart. A new partnership gives participants 11 weeks of job-readiness training during the day and a Walmart job after school. Students earn 10 credits toward graduation… Advocates say with Detroit’s unofficial unemployment rate nearing 50%, jobs at Walmart are a golden opportunity. Sean Vann, principal of the Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men, has 30 students in the program. He told the Detroit Free Press he’s enthusiastic because along with earning money, since the schools are in the suburbs, the students will be around people from different cultures. Donna Stern, a representative of the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration & Immigrant Rights And Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) is outraged. “They’re going to train students to be subservient workers. This is not why parents send them to school.”

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Oh, this is you need a high school education to work at Walmart.  Nothing wrong with working at Walmart, and I can see management as beoing a great opportunity.  But teaching how to work for Walmart in high school---I figure Walmart can teach you how to work at Walmart.  That is the way most private businesses have to operate.

Comment by Found Zero
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OK so we all know Detriot schools can't produce graduates qualified to work at Walmart but NOW THEY WANT 11 WEEKS OF SPECIALIZED STUDY to try again? How is this to be construed as anything but a naked admission of TOTAL FAILURE in the education system?

But no, in this day, those who screw it up get retained and paid to make sure it stays that way. OK, lay it on me. How many millions are they going to spend on this?