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'Mossad agents fled to US' after killing in Dubai of Hamas leader

• London Times

At least two suspected Israeli agents behind the murder of a senior Hamas official fled to the US during their escape, Dubai police now believe.

Police have now cast their net wider in their investigation of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh’s killing, which officials in the Gulf state are now certain was carried out by Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad.


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Comment by Jeffrey Genser
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To "Lucky Red": this is not The United States of Israel. It is the Fascist States of America. It's easy to blame all Jews for what the Mossad does. Do you accept responsibility for "the unspeakables' of the CIA who together with the Mossad took down The Twin Towers? Not all Jews act the way you imply both of these fascist governments act. The "unspeakables" killed JFK {maybe you're happy with that,I'm not sure", but we no longer live in a free country. Let history repeat itself and welcome the next Revolution with open arms or you'll soon be in a FEMA concentration camp.

Comment by Ross Wolf
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Mossad agents are smart and well trained. I find it hard to believe a group of Mossad agent would allow themselves to be video tapped in the lobby of a Dubai hotel if they intended or had murdered a Hamas leader. Why would so many Mossad agents be needed to allegedly murder one person? Part of this story may be missing.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Of course!  Where else would they go but the safeheaven of the United States of Israel?  It's not as if anybody is going to do anything to them here not with the CIA protecting them besides, even looking for them would be awful anti-semitic and a denial of the Holocaust(tm).