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Ex-Cop Chides Calvo for Questioning the Cops Who Nearly Killed Him

• The Agitator
Someone named Lawrence Schweinsburg wrote a letter to the editor of the Baltimore Sun this week to criticize Berwyn Heights, Maryland, Mayor Cheye Calvo and to offer a general defense of the widespread use of SWAT teams. His letter is worth breaking down and addressing piece by piece.

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Comment by Found Zero
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And this from Prince George's County MD. A bad cop defends a bad department. PG seems to be vying with LA and NOLA to have the dirtiest cops in the business. 

The only thing that makes this incident different is this time the badge screwed with somebody that had some profile in the community. But let's get this straight PG cops:


Comment by Ross Wolf
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Historically, in most every country where police-military styled raids were not brought under control to protect the public, police raids incrementally moved forward to target innocent Citizens for their political speech, attending political assemblies or because someone wrote something that offended a government. Americans should NEVER accept police raid misconduct. Increasingly there are news reports of police swat teams breaking into innocent Citizens’ homes or forcibly entering houses to arrest people for minor offenses. More frequently abusive police raids are mirroring the military raids during the 1980’s in Northern Ireland by British forces on homes with little or no probable cause. Police raids in Northern Ireland were sometimes used as cover to assassinate political opponents. It should be noted that domestic police military styled raids on U.S. homes sharply increased after local police expanded their working relationship with components of the U.S. military under the guise of federal local task forces.