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4.5 SWAT Raids Per Day

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Maryland became the first state in the country to make every one of its police departments issue a report on how often and for what purpose they use their SWAT teams. The first reports from the legislation are in, and the results are disturbing. Over the last six months of 2009, SWAT teams were deployed 804 times in the state of Maryland, or about 4.5 times per day. 

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Comment by Ross Wolf (28231)
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Historically, in most every country where police-military styled raids were not brought under control to protect the public, police raids incrementally moved forward to target innocent Citizens for their political speech, attending political assemblies or because someone wrote something that offended a government. Americans should NEVER accept police raid misconduct. Increasingly there are news reports of police swat teams breaking into innocent U.S. Citizens’ homes or forcibly entering houses to arrest people for minor offenses. More frequently abusive police raids are mirring the military raids during the 1980’s in Northern Ireland by British forces on homes with little or no probable cause. Police raids in Northern Ireland were sometimes used as cover to assassinate political opponents. It should be noted domestic police military styled raids on U.S. homes sharply increased after local police expanded their working relationship with components of the U.S. military under the guise of federal local task forces.


Comment by Lola Flores (20562)
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 Only 4.5?  Things must be getting better then.

Comment by Nick Barnett (23333)
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When I was driving to class yesterday, the GILBERT SWAT passed me by... it was a big black armored vehicle, like a Garda Security truck, but bigger. That's the first time I've seen these things in real life, I almost got hit by another car because I was rubber necking... my bad.

Comment by Anonymous ()
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One can write a book about the mis-use of SWAT teams, but simply, they have become a gross abuse of power.   That abuse needs to be stopped.