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US police arrest 150 students in California

Police in the US have arrested at least 150 students participating in peaceful nationwide rallies to protest against cuts in educational funding. Baton-wielding police said Thursday they arrested the protestors who blocked a freeway and caused traffic for an hour in California\'s Oakland region. According to authorities, one protester suffered serious injuries after jumping from an elevated freeway while officers were making arrests. Students, teachers, parents and others rallied in what is being called the "March 4th National Day of Action for Public Education."

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Comment by Freed Radical
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Government colleges are just a scam on the taxpayer, and these students are whiny communist leeches. College students are not "entitled" to attend an overpriced joke of a "school" with overpaid government drones as their "teachers." Government colleges are nothing more than a make-work program for all the schmucks that got degrees 10-20 years ago and want to scam a teaching job from which they can't be fired. Anyone who wants an "education" should pay for 100% of it themselves. If this were the case, how many social science (basket weaving) students would we have in "school?"


Comment by Ross Wolf
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Increasingly it is not possible to work and make enough money to live and pay the escalating costs of college. It is becoming starkly apparent that most college students in the future will have to complete their college education online. It is also foreseeable that small college towns dependent on student attendance to support their economy will suffer, as more students cannot afford to attend campus classes. Commercial real estate in college dependent town will be directly adversely affected.