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It’s not About Political Parties. It’s About Liberty

• Michael Boldin
At its very core, nullification is mass civil-disobedience to the federal government with the support of the state apparatus. It’s about “We the People” exercising our rights whether the politicians or judges in Washington D.C want to give us “permission” to exercise those rights or not. 

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Comment by Anonymous ()
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 The author of the original article makes a common logical fallacy many Americans these days make (due to 80 years of governmental psyops against their brains).

There is an important difference in meaning between "is" and "is like" or "is supposed to be". 

"is" vs. "is supposed to be" is a "may or may not be equal to" situation.

For example:

All undelegated powers exercised by the federal government are unathoritative, void and of no force.

is a technically false statement.  If you change the statement thusly:

All undelegated powers exercised by the federal government are SUPPOSED TO BE (PER THE CONSITUTION AND INTENTIONS OF THE FOUNDING FATHERS) unathoritative, void and of no force.

it makes the statement true.

It takes a long time to deprogram yourself.  If you do not understand the difference between the two or are foggy on why, then you are still in the deprogramming phase.  That's ok.


Comment by Don Wills (14843)
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Excellent article, but the title and this paragraph -

From this we can see that the Tenth Amendment is not about political parties. It’s not about political ideologies. It’s not even about political candidates. It’s about liberty. It was designed to promote your liberty by strictly limiting the powers of the federal government.

completely miss the point. Political parties have the power to destroy liberty when they obtain power through elections. The Ds and Rs are both guilty of ignoring the Constitution, particularly the 10th amendment. But they wield the power.

The big two political parties are the problem, and they must be stopped. Why do you think Ernie wants to be chairman of the LP? Because it's not about political parties? Nope. Of course the 10th amendment isn't about political parties, but protecting liberty is about political parties. Electoral politics and political parties, particularly at the state level, are the only solution to the problem short of revolution.