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Top Republicans: Yeah, We're Calling Obama Socialist

• by Liz Halloran,
Revelations that the Republican National Committee urged fundraisers to shake the money trees by playing on fears about President Obama and "socialism" have ignited a classic Washington kerfuffle. Democrats have dubbed the fundraising plan, contained in a private GOP document, "RNC Fear-Gate." They have accused Republicans of adopting extreme Tea Party talking points and called on GOP leaders to repudiate the strategy.

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Comment by Anonymous
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 >> Top Republicans: Yeah, We're Calling Obama Socialist 

Well, he is.  The Dems are socialists, and the Repubs semi-socialists.   There are more and more American freeloaders lined up for their daily handout and both parties are ready to give it to them. 

If the men at Valley Forge had know what this country was going to become it would have been an empty camp. 

Comment by Gene Kernan
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Democrats ARE socialists.  IN the '30's (1937, I believe), the "Social Democrat Party" disbanded, specifically because they were redundant; the "Democratic Party" had already adopted ALL planks of their platform.