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Bilderberg Founder: Dutch Prince Bernhard 'was member of Nazi party'

The prince always denied having been a member of the Nazi party, although he admitted that he briefly had sympathised with Adolf Hitler's regime. In one of the last interviews he gave before his death in 2004, he said: "I can swear this with my hand on the Bible: I was never a Nazi."

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Comment by Ed Price
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A bottom-line thought about this...

Look at the picture included with the article. How young do you think that these people are?

If anybody decides to good or decides to do evil... the same youthfulness departs form all people. In the end all people go to the grave.

Let's keep the focus. The thing we are fighting is the evil of people.

Where does true freedom live? It lives in the lives of the people who do good and right. People who do good and right are preparing a secure future for themselves and for those who will follow after them - their children and grandchildren and all their descendants.