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NUCLEAR weapons carried aboard Royal Navy warships are high on Al Qaeda’s hit list, it has emerged. Followers of Osama Bin Laden are being urged to track the Ark Royal, Illustrious and Invincible in what is being called the “battle of the masts”. A message from the Al Qaeda leadership says: “How many nuclear weapons might be on board and what would be the extent of the damage that could be caused if it was exposed to an attack?”

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Comment by TL Winslow
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Duh, they want to steal some nukes then use them on Israel and the U.S., not set them off in Muslimland, not that Muslims don't kill each other all the time, but they also have a concept of Muslim vs. infidel territory. As long as the U.S. stalls in biting the bullet and finishing WWI by taking the steps to make sure that the Ottoman Empire stays kaput and never rises again, we can expect the Muslims to use nukes against us like David used five smooth stones against Goliath. See my Winslow Plan for Defeating Radical Islam, the only workable solution, albeit unsavory, except for the consequences of not doing it.

Comment by Found Zero
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So let's get this straight. They want to touch off a nuke. In the Persian Gulf. Where they live. So they essentially want to nuke themselves. 

I think it's obvious that we don't understand these people atall.