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Fingerprints Now Required to Skateboard at park

• NBC San Diego
The city council voted in favor of the new high tech entry system Tuesday night. Skaters will have to press a thumb pad on a turnstile. If a scanner matches a skateboarder's print to the one given in a new, free registration process, they'll be allo

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Comment by Ed Price (10621)
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A bottom-line thought about this...

Any record gathering that is done electronically will go to Homeland Security anytime HS wants it. And it may go without the city council knowing it, if it is at all hooked into the Internet.

Individual cities have the right to regulate and outlaw certain kinds of usage of public property. Why? The people have the right and ability to stop the city through voting out the council next election, through referendum, or through councilman recall.

If the people of the city did not like the ordinance, they also did nothing about its implementation by making sure that they were informed, and then protesting it in a legal way.

We will see if the people want the ordinance by what happens next election, or if the ordinance is repealed before then.