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Homeland Security to Suppress Activism: Parachuting opiates of the masses

XM1063 “non-lethal personal suppression projectile,” an artillery shell that bursts in midair over its target, scattering 152 canisters over a 100,000-square-foot area, each dispersing a chemical agent as it parachutes down. There are many indications that a calmative, such as fentanyl, is the intended payload—a literal opiate of the masses. Here we have the completion of the perfect police state. Citizens are monitored from cradle to grave. Any signs of anger or rebellion are swiftly squelched with medication or “peace officers.” The schools step in when the state cannot act to monitor and regulate every movement of students’ lives under the banner of “Zero Tolerance.” When the medicated and monitored children grow into dysfunctional adults, some of who eventually realize their shitty circumstances (complete with shitty healthcare, outsourced jobs, limited resources, poisoned environment, enormous wealth disparity, etc.) and they think about rebelling, they are immediately lassoed with an anchor of bureaucracy. Should you want to protest, please fill out form AYT0754 five months prior to said protest, and pay this fee, and remain in this pen, and please don’t make too much noise…

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Comment by Ed Price
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A bottom-line thought about this...

It is difficult and costly for any Government to force people to do anything en masse. People who are forced, ultimately produce inferior products and services.

There has to be an incentive, a perceived benefit (Government lies a lot about the benefits they are providing.) for the people to get them to do things willingly. If the benefit is only one of not being beaten as harshly, or one of being allowed to live a little longer... this may work for awhile, but, in the end the people will rebel, even if death is the outcome. In fact, that is part of the reason that many children are rebelling today. They can see the fallacies in the way they are being treated, even though they don't completely understand what is happening.

You can't lethargize people and get good production out of them. It is impossible.

Government understands all the above. They are trying hard to hold together a thing that they can't, and they are ultimately destroying themselves in the process.

Things may get worse before they get better. But they will get better. The question is: Are we going to make it better faster by getting rid of the FED, driving the UN out of America, and making Government officials obey the spirit of the law? Or are we going to simply go on as we have until the whole thing collapses, and our children, grands, and greatgrands have to start over?