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Utah Senate votes to grade U.S. senators

• Salt lake Tribune
The Utah Senate continued its session long pursuit of states' rights Monday by passing a bill that would seek to rein in U.S. senators who otherwise might ignore the state government's wishes.

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Comment by Ken Valentine
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"Sen. Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan, opposed it because he said it's unnecessary. Parties already could judge senators through their bylaws if they wished, he said. "I'm never congratulated when the session is over about the number of bills we pass."

Blasted politicians imagine that they should be praised for the number of new laws they pass -- as though creating new crimes out of thin air is a good thing?

In a free society, the laws are few and easily understood. The more tyrannical the government becomes, the more numerous, the more vague, the more complex, and contradictory the laws.

It has reached the point in this country today where the laws are SO numerous, SO vague, SO complex and contradictory that lawyers (legal professionals) have to specialize -- and there are about 60 different specialties of law.  And yet, the lay citizen is still told that ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Sorry, but that old saw just won't cut anymore.