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Warp Speed Will Kill You

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Captain Kirk might want to avoid taking the starship Enterprise to warp speed, unless he's ready to shrug off interstellar hydrogen atoms that would deliver a lethal radiation blast to both ship and crew.

There are just two hydrogen atoms per cubic centimeter on average in space, which poses no threat to spaceships traveling at low speeds. 

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Comment by Ed Price
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The real trick is, of course, getting yourself to believe it. If you could really and truly, simply believe it, it would spontaneously come into existence (if it didn't already exist, that is).

Our big problem is that there is a difference between believing something and thinking that we believe it. The example is in the cemetery... all those people who thought that they were alive, truly wanted to believe they were, but actually believed they weren't.

Comment by Anonymous
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 The premise in the article is special relativity which does not account for movement of space itself as general relativity does. has also done recent articles about how "warp speed" involves changing the configuration of space itself and moving space itself not inconsistent with general relativity.

Comment by Found Zero
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Oh this is so much crap. Most of your problems at warp speed come from intense gravometric sheers, particles that cause a phase-variance in the deflector array or clog up the plasma vents in the warp nacelles. And the usual solution is to induce a reverse graviton pulse using said deflector array unless you got subspace particles on your hands in which case hold on for the inevitable and restorative time-travel paradox.

But that's not my real point here. The fact is, most Star Fleet personel are injured in console explosions. If we can just get people to step away from the damn consoles WTSHTF we'd be saving lives bigtime.