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Romney Declares Obamacare 'Makes no sense at all"

• arclein
He also asserts that President Obama’s policies have extended and deepened the recession, says his healthcare reform plan “makes no sense at all,” and declares that Sarah Palin is definitely qualified to become president.

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Comment by Forty Four O Nine (11690)
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This is the same ass clown who had his own version of ObamaCare called RomneyCare in his state..I agree the guy is a freaking tool!

Comment by PHIL perez (28548)
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mitt romney is a tool.

the ass is a NEOCON illuminati scumbag as well is sarah palin.

sarah palin abandoned the people of alaska and forced eskimo's to starve and freeze during -20 degree winters.

wake up people-these people-are not whom they want you to perceive them as they are new world order illuminati scum.