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SEC Official Rips Gold: Pushing to End Individual Currency Traders, Now This

Why do Bookstaber and Roubini want to kill gold so bad? What's up with the mixed message from Soros? Why does the CFTC head, the former Goldmanite, Gary Gensler, want to kill off futures currency trading for individuals? Anyone of these oddities is enough to sit up and take notice, when they are bunched like this, you really have to wonder what is going on. I don't have the answer, but I am paying very close attention.

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Comment by David Gagin
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Gold may fluctuate in price, but never will it be worth nothing.  As long as there is the choice between fiat currency, or hard currency, the globalists will always choose hard currency.  That's because they know where the value is.  If they know, and news reports reveal they are buying up as much as they can, what does that tell us about the true value of our USD?  Remember that as the price of gold goes up, it really means there is a decline in value of the dollar.  The Gold is the standard, the benchmark, while currencies that are based on thin air flutter all over the place.  Also, the USD is based more on the peceived value of our debt than it is on any intrinsic commodity.  As our debt increases, its value decreases, which explains why a barrel of oil valued at about $50, COSTS more than $80.  And by the end of the year, it will probably double, or more.  Look for gas at the pump to be $4-5 dollars per gallon, but that's because due to the decline of the value of USD with respect to gold as the globalist bankers pull the rug out from under our house of cards called the US economy.  This isn't MY prediction; this is only what I'm reporting.  This is what they have planned for us, and told us is going to happen.  Be prepared. 

Comment by Chip Saunders
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 I agree that gold is a bubble that will one day pop. But, if there is anyone who knows when, where and how that bubble will pop, it is these guys, who helped make it happen in the first place,...and who will trigger the pop when it suits them.