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Ventura: ‘I despise the two parties’

• FOX News

With his concern about the erosion of freedom, one might think that Ventura has a lot in common with the Tea Parties but he sees a conspiracy behind the movement because they only began protesting after Barack Obama became president.

"Where were those guys protesting when we lost habeas corpus, when they violate the Fourth Amendment of illegal search and seizure? They were nowhere to be found at that point in time," said Ventura.

But Ventura might agree with the protesters who are disgusted with the two-party system. "I just don't like the parties. I don't like -- don't get me wrong. It's not individuals. I despise the two parties. Despise them. They're ruining our country," he said.

The former governor went on to challenge Fox News' popular evening opinion personalities to interview him. Ventura claimed that Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity declined to let him promote his new book on their shows.

"How come the Three Stooges on later at night won't have me on?" he asked. "That's what I call them. Larry, Moe and Curly."

This video is from Fox News' Fox and Friends, broadcast March 9, 2010.


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Comment from RAWSTORY's site about Jesse's comments:


WW1 Victory(1919) - Woodrow Wilson(D)
WW2 Victory(1945) - Franklin D Roosevelt(D) / Harry S. Truman(D)
GI Bill (1945) - FDR(D)
NATO(1949) - Truman(D)

Foreign Relations
Marshall Plan(1947) - Truman(D)
Peace Corp(1960/61) - John F. Kennedy(D)

Space Exploration
First Manned Moon Mission(1969) - Under Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson(D)
First American to Orbit the Earth(1962) = John Glenn \ Under Pres. JFK(D)
Oldest Person in Space(1998) = Sen. John Glenn(D)\ Under Pres. Bill Clinton(D)

Socio-Economic Programs
40-hour Work Week(1938) - Roosevelt(D)
Minimum Wage Law(1938) - Roosevelt(D)
Overtime(1938)- Roosevelt(D)
Social Security Act(1935) - Roosevelt(D)
Unemployment Compensation(1935) - Roosevelt(D)
Rural Electrification Act(1936) - Roosevelt(D)
Federal Deposit Insurance(1933) - Roosevelt(D)
Federal Home Loan Program(1934) - Rossevelt(D)
Securities & Exchange Act(1934) - Rossevelt(D)

Guaranteed Student Loan Program(1965) - Johnson(D)
School Lunch Program(1946) - Truman(D)
Operation Head Start(1965) - Johnson(D)

Medicare(1965) - Johnson(D)
Medicaid(1965) - Johnson(D)
Family and Medical Leave Act(1993) - Clinton(D)

Civil Rights
Women's Suffrage Amendment
Civil Rights Act(1965) - Johnson(D)
Voting Rights Act (1965) - Johnson(D)
Motor Voter Act(1993) - Clinton(D)

That's a good start, but I know you can add more.