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UK to Create Potemkin Villages: Welcome to Pleasantville

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The government-funded project involves colourful graphic designs featuring a range of different shop types, which are either taped inside the windows or screwed to the fascia so they can be removed and reused as required. With 140 empty shops in the borough, council bosses think they have come up with a unique way of ensuring shopping areas remain as vibrant as possible. The first empty shop unit to be given a makeover with a "flat pack" shop front is in Whitley Bay. North Tyneside Council said the move was cost-effective and would help to attract new investment. The council said the fake shop in Whitley Bay - which alone has 49 empty units - has been welcomed by traders and shoppers.

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Comment by Found Zero
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OK here we go: a business plan just MADE for the Obama administration. We can do this even better.

We can put up fake products in shop windows so the streets don't look so blighted. But we can also populate the streets with fake shoppers.

Yup, in order to preserve the atmosphere of a thriving community, we have to have people and traffic so we'll pay people to walk around, pretend to be just coming out of or going into the shops, carrying shopping bags full of shredded newspaper and paper-mache products and pushing dolls in strollers.

Street vendors will pretend to sell people fake hot dogs and empty soda cans while the people pay them "money" which looks pretty real if you aren't too close and we can even rent well-groomed cats out to position in strategic shop windows to show that obviously there's life inside.

This will stimulate the economy. And in many ways, it replicates the economy we have now in oh so many ways so it will take no adjustment, no training for the employees.

And the whole thing is gonna be paid for by a generous grant from President Obama and his genius economic advisors because crap like this makes perfect sense to them.