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Do Americans Have Standing Anymore?

• We The People For Constitutional Education

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Do Americans

Have Standing Anymore?

This Thursday, March 11, 2010 In U.S. Court of Appeals...
One American Argues Historical Lawsuit Against the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury For Unconstitutional Billion-Dollar AIG Bailouts

WHO:             Robert “Bob” Schulz, Chairman

We the People Foundation for Constitutional Education and We the People Congress: Dedicated to citizen vigilance and holding elected officials accountable to their Oath of Office, the Constitution.;


WHAT:           Oral arguments against the Federal Reserve (Bernanke) and U.S. Treasury

                        (Paulson/Geithner) challenging the UNCONSTITUTIONAL use of public monies for the
multi-billion dollar bailouts of privately-owned AIG and other Wall Street institutions.    


WHEN:           2 PM - Thursday, March 11, 2010 – Schulz is FIRST UP
WHERE:         Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan- 500 Pearl Street

                        Ceremonial Courtroom – 9th Floor; Presiding Judges Eaton, Wesley and Sack

HOW:             Schulz will argue, pro se, the Constitutional argument that public funds can never be used for decidedly private purposes – regardless of any perceived necessity or general public benefit in doing so.  He will also argue against the unconstitutional application of the “judicial standing doctrine,” used liberally to prevent federal lawsuits by ordinary Americans seeking to remedy injuries affecting all Citizens equally which arise from Government’s violations of the Constitution.  A critical and growing issue as more Americans awaken to the inevitable question: "What are the next steps for a free People to take to hold their servant government accountable?"


Click here to watch 40 minute video of Bob Schulz recounting his legal action to restrain the Treasury and the Federal Reserve.

Recorded at the Continental Congress 2009 last November.

Sept 16th AIG Bailout Announced 09/17/business/17insure.html
Sept 18th Bob Schulz Files Federal Lawsuit Seeking Fed/AIG Restraining Order

     http://www. PROJECTS/AIG/AIG-Complaint-9- 18-08.pdf

Sept 18th Congressional Leaders, Treasury and Fed Move Forward Anyway 09/19/news/economy/what_ lawmakers_heard/index.htm v=ISvif1OaTK4&feature=related

Sept. 23 $700B TARP Taxpayer Bailout Legislation is Announced

Sept. 24th Bob Schulz Files Second Lawsuit Seeking TARP/Treasury Restraining Order
http://www. PROJECTS/AIG/Bailout- Complaint-9-24-08.pdf

Sept. 29th House Rejects TARP Bill
Oct . 3rd  TARP Legislation Passes, w/ Clause Expressly Providing for Constitutional Injunctions
Sept./Oct. Both Schulz Lawsuits are Dismissed for “Lack of Standing”,
DOJ’s Motion to Dismiss arguing the People have no Right to enforce the Constitution

Case Continues at Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Manhattan

A. WTP’s Appeal to the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals,
B. DOJ’s Response to WTP Appeal,
C. WTP’s Reply to DOJ's Appeal Response
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No couch potato:  Schulz says - The emergency Congressional bailout meeting at 7pm that day (Sept 18, 2008) and subsequent announcements followed my phone conversations, in series, with lawyers at the Federal Reserve, Treasury Dept., and Justice Department in the mid-afternoon, notifying them they had been sued for agreeing to give AIG $85 billion of public funds, not only without any Constitutional authority to do so, but to make matters worse, without bothering to go the Congress – specifically the House of Representatives, where all money bills are obligated by the Constitution to originate, and knowing what effects these huge gifts of public monies would have upon both America’s economy and the People. Officials were fully informed that the courts had been asked for a temporary restraining order to prevent the transfer of any money to AIG until the court held a hearing. Each was faxed a full set of the legal papers. All of this was done by 3pm. At 7pm, America saw the sobering bailout announcement.”

“Days later, I filed a second case, when Congress then, in full cooperation with the plan, trumped the Constitution again, on the same ‘no authority’ grounds, against the $700 billion TARP bailout. The two cases were “consolidated” and dismissed for “lack of standing” by the District Court, months later. The appeal was filed.  The U.S. Court of Appeals, after months of delay and asking me to let them decide the appeal without oral argument, finally set this date. I will now have the opportunity to confront the Government in public and let the DOJ attorneys explains these acts to both the Court and the People of America.”  

Additional Support material for this historic effort can be found here:

Read the  PETITION to the U.S. District Court regarding the unconstitutional $85 Billion AIG bailout  and Decision. Read the PETITION to the U.S. District Court regarding the unconstitutional $700 Billion TARP bank bailout and Decision.  See TOC/Article11PublicDebt.aspx

See the related CC 2009 video presentations: Robert L. Schulz, Chairman, WTP Foundation – We The People lawsuits against the $85 Billion AIG and $700 Billion Bailout; and Tom DeWeese, President, American Policy Center- reading the submission of Dr. Edwin Vieira, Declaration that all Unconstitutionally Incurred Public Debt of the United States is Void and Enforcement Thereof Barred

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