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The Beck Deception

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 If you are a die-hard Glenn Beck fan (like I was), please keep a very open mind as you read this.  Our freedom depends on it.

I know too many “ex-Glenn Beck fans” who are using the wrong approach in attempting to show you why Glenn is more of a threat to the American people than he is a truth-teller or savior.  I don’t entirely fault them because I understand their frustration as well as their “sense of urgency”.  The simple fact of the matter is that if  “We The People” do not begin to think for ourselves, and stop the conformity, we will continue to be misled, and we will get nowhere in our fight to regain our freedom and liberties.

In my quest to understand how our country has gotten to where it is, I found Glenn Beck.  Not only did he seem to have the answers, he was also providing me with excellent information about people and groups (the czars, ACORN, SEIU, Andy Stern, Anita Dunn, etc.) who surround and influence our president and our policies.  I was sure Glenn had stumbled on some pretty beefy information which offered a great explanation as to why our country was going to hell in a hand basket.

For months, I never missed a Glenn Beck show. At the same time, I continued my relentless research on the internet for as much “truth” as I could get my hands on and I’m convinced this allowed me to keep a healthy perspective on “truth”.  One day while watching Glenn – a warning signal sounded in my head.   In realizing just how massive of a following that Glenn was gaining, I cautioned myself to be careful and to keep an open mind.  As indicated by history as well as the bible, I understood that anyone who has the ability to gain such a mass following of people also has the ability to lead that mass astray.


You cannot gain a mass following by telling lies.  In order to deceive, You MUST use the truth…  or at the very least, what might be acknowledged as truth by the masses (more on this later).

The majority who align themselves with Glenn Beck consider themselves to be “conservatives.”  If you fall into this category, you do not follow CNN or MSNBC because “you are able to see the lies.”  You can’t conform to their viewpoint because there isn’t enough truth in their message to keep your attention.  CNN or MSNBC cannot deceive you because you see no truth in their message.  Deception can only deceive if it looks somewhat like the real thing.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive


Many of you will refuse to believe that you are being deceived by Glenn Beck because you cannot fathom any reason why he would do this. Without considering the big picture, this is understandable.  Because of this, you have rationalized that the “Beck Bashers” must either be jealous of his fame and fortune or they are just “idiot liberals.” Before we can begin to explore “how we are being deceived”, we must first ask the question, “Why?” The short answer is controlled opposition, and this is where it is crucial for many of you to gain and keep an open mind!

Some of you reading this already know that the truth (whole, entire truth) will never be televised. But, as I temporarily did, you are holding on to the hope that somehow, Beck/FOX managed to break free of this rule.  You may even think that FOX has discovered that there is more money in telling the truth – so they are going to continue to do it – until the Obama Administration decides to silence them.  If you believe there is any threat of FOX being shut down or of Beck being taken off the airlet me guaranteethis will never happen. Why?  Because Glenn Beck is the most valuable player on Team Obama than anyone else.  Why?  Because the elites behind the New World Order who own “Team Obama” also own all of mainstream media.

If you have questions about the New World Order, the elite bankers, the Federal Reserve -you can find more information on this “Grand Delusion” Blog. 

If you know anything about “reverse psychology” - you would know that the fake little war between the Obama Administration and FOX News did nothing more than to drive more people to FOX News to see what all the fuss was about. Borderline liberals flocked to FOX News because they believed that “if Obama was trying to silence FOX, they must be telling the truth.”  Oh – how easily fooled we are!


How many of us are opposed to the way our government is running our country?  How many are opposed to the war? How many are opposed to the Federal Reserve? How many of us are frustrated, fed-up, sick and tired or afraid of what our future holds? How many of us now view our government as the enemy?  How many of us understand that in order to defeat any enemy, we need to think like the enemy?   What are they thinking?

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves – Vladimir Lenin

Don’t underestimate the powers that be. Don’t underestimate those in control. They full well know that the only way they can reach their goal for the New World Order and One World Government is by controlling the opposition and making sure that the truth is kept from us. In fact, their biggest fear is that we will learn the truth because the truth WILL set us free! What chance would they have if we all rose up tomorrow against tyranny, against them?  They wouldn’t have a chance! There are way too many of us.  So don’t you think they have the foresight, the power, the money, the influence needed in order to carry out controlling the opposition by leading it? Yes!  Of course they do!


One good way to determine if someone is “controlled opposition” is to not just look at what they are saying – but, more importantly, look at what they are not saying!  


You will get just enough truth, but you will never get all of it, for it you did, you would surely rise up. Look at the “Federal Reserve.”  We know just enough about it to know we don’t like it.  Many of us want it audited and/or abolished.  What did Henry Ford say about the Federal Reserve?

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. –Henry Ford

Glenn Beck recently put together a very nice documentary called, “Live Free or Die.” While much truth was exhibited in his documentary, he stopped short at revealing the whole truth.  Don’t you think it would have been important to know that Prescott Bush (George W. Bush’s grand-father) played a major role in funding Hitler’s rise to power? If Beck wanted to arm you with the whole truth, he would not have left this information out.  Especially if it is “his calling” to warn you about our government and what they are capable of!


Beck instructs you to “Question Boldly” – but only those questions that he approves.  Don’t you dare question 9/11!

How many times has Beck said that the 9/11 Truther’s only account for 5% of the population? The truth is that the majority of the population question 9/11 and one third of the population believe that our government was involved.

Even if you are as dead set against the 9/11 Truth Movement as Beck claims to be – don’t you deserve the truth about the number of people who question 9/11?  Shouldn’t you be told about the 50 Senior Military, Intelligence and Government Officials who question the 9/11 Commission Report? Shouldn’t we discuss Senator Max Cleland – Former member of the 9/11 Commission, who resigned in December 2003 saying “I, as a member of the [9/11] Commission, cannot look any American in the eye… It is a national scandal… this White House wants to cover [9/11] up.”

Are you asking yourself why you didn’t know these things? The reason is because “they don’t want you to know.” You will not find the truth on mainstream news, not even FOX.

If you are led to believe that only a small, kooky minority question 9/11, or anything else for that matter – you probably won’t research it for yourself, but if you knew that the majority question it, you would either stand with the majority or spend more of your own time looking at the data and form your own opinions.

So, if the majority of the population question 9/11 – why did Glenn Beck attempt to ruin Debra Medina for not disavowing any group questioning 9/11?  Seems pretty irrational once you know the truth about the numbers, doesn’t it? In fact, Debra Medina should have responded, “Senator Max Cleland, former member of the 9/11 commissioner resigned over a possible cover-up and the majority of the American people have questions about 9/11 – so, in my desire to represent the people, I fully support questioning the 9/11 Commission Report.”

How many of you, without looking into any data or doing any of your own research are using terms such as “Truthers”, “Birthers” and “Tenthers” and attaching negative connotations to these terms against the groups and experts who have done their research?

Are you beginning to understand how you are being influenced through mind-bending and disinformation?

For more about 9/11 that you will never hear on mainstream TV, click here.


If someone is placed into a position of amassing a great following for the purpose of controlling and deceiving – they are not going to appear as a wolf.  Glenn Beck has sparkly blue eyes, a great smile and a wonderful personality.  It is very hard not to like him – even when you understand that he is choosing monetary wealth over the well-being of his fellow man.

Many people believed that Josef Stalin was a good man, handsome with great personality.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “The world has never seen greater devotion, determination, and self sacrifice, that have been displayed by the Russian people and their armies under the leadership of Marshall Josef Stalin.” In total, the estimated number of people killed under Stalin ranges between 10 million to 60 million.

Even Hitler was once loved by the people.  Don’t think for one second that a charismatic leader cannot lead you astray.


Many people are referring to Beck as a “judas sheep.”  Here is the meaning:
Sheep are innate followers and very easily led astray. In New Zealand about 40 million sheep are led to slaughter each year. A specially selected castrated male sheep aptly called the “Judas” sheep leads the unwitting sheep to the killing floor. Unaware of what is about to happen, the sheep blindly fall in behind the Judas sheep and follow him to their deaths.


As I continued to watch Glenn Beck with an open mind, I began to see signs of deception.  I began to see signs of neo-conservatism.  I hadn’t even finished my “Arguing with Idiots” book.  Issues and actions that were extreme violations of the Constitution and our freedoms and liberties that were discussed all over the internet went for days unmentioned on his program. If and when they were mentioned, they were not given the attention they deserve.  Some were blown off entirely.

As I dug more and more into the 9/11 Truth Movement and I seen the legitimate questions coming from patriots, our war veterans, our military leaders, 9/11 commission members, aerospace engineersexperts, historians, pilots, architects and engineers, families of those killed, economists, I realized these people were not the “kooks” that Beck described. They were also not “dangerous” as Beck described.   I had to ask myself why he would mislead his followers.  Beck even went so far as to say that he “began hating the families of those who died on 9/11.” Someone who told us to “Question Boldly” suddenly had a zero tolerance level for questioning even from families who had more reason than anyone else to question.

I had no choice, in the face of all the evidence, to conclude that Beck is the ultimate deception because he makes the choice to deceive – as opposed to deceiving out of plain old ignorance.

I attribute much of my initial awakening to Glenn Beck -  but because I knew better than to give him my complete trust (I reserve that for God) – and I knew the importance of continuing to find truth on my own (as everyone needs to do, especially now), I knew when to part ways with him.  That ultimately led to me turning off the TV.  I do not get my news from the TV – because the truth isn’t televised and because you should never be bullied into asking or NOT asking any question.

If Beck were truly “bucking the system” – he would have went the way of Lou Dobbs.

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Comment by jim stepp
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Read this - even though a bit long, very good and a wake up call to your conservative friends and family. Remember the Hegelian diaelectic - the government plays both sides of the issue (thesis and anti-thesis) to offer their "solution" (the synthesis).
Comment by Gabreal Gabreil
Entered on:

For some time I've felt we are being corralled to Fox-Beck. It is time to think for ourselves. We need our Micheal Collins!

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
Entered on:

Don, I will take your silence as acceptance.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Devolution is my favorite part! The joyous name-calling and libel, it's our signature style. 

If you aren't offending at least 5 other patriots a day you aren't committed. Get with it Don!

And that goes double for the rest of you frisky-fingered Catholics and you prissy Presbyterians and you subhuman Muslims and sociopathic Jews; you man-eating Mormons and jealous Jehovah's Whitlessness (yer daddy never bought you nothing for Christmas and he never weeeeeel) you assorted other simpering spiritualists, you acid-dropping atheists, insuffrable purists and whore-sellout centrists and closet collectivists. Ye sons of demons and daughters of the devil all.

If I've left anyone out please don't take it as an insult. But that right there, son, that's how it's done.


Comment by David Hannus
Entered on:

Everything written about Glenn Beck in this post is correct, except for the parts about Glenn Beck. Best wishes as you wander through the wilderness. 

Comment by Don Wills
Entered on:

When a "discussion" degenerates to name calling, it exposes that the name callers as devoid of any actual facts to make a rational argument. And you guys think the W.A.R is the reason for the libertarian movement's decline? Nope. He's just a symptom. Look in the mirror and you will see the real reason that Libertarian Party is irrelevant in today's politics.

Elias Alias does bring facts to the discussion. However, his conclusion as to Beck's motive for not mentioning "The Naked Capitalist" is pure speculation. FWIW, I can't recall Beck ever mentioning anything about Quigley on TV on either CNNHN or Fox.

Comment by Unsheepled Michael
Entered on:

 Obots  and Becktards   ...they  are  all the  same

Comment by Ronald Lauer
Entered on:

The was the biggest pile of drivel I have ever tried to wade through.  Reasoning was convoluted and painfully drawn out.

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
Entered on:

Don you said I'm "Hearing about Beck through your extremist filters" hahahaha

When you say extremist are you talking about CNN and Fox because that's where I seen that shit. I know a war mongering neo-tard when I see one and that is Glenn Beck.

You said "Beck occasionally claims to be libertarian"? How do you occasionally be a libertarian? What is he the other times? Either you believe in the principles or not. So is he occasionally Mormon as well? He is just another lying Politician  

Beck is NOT a libertarian...

1. He supported the bailout and don't bring up this bullshit that he is against it now because it will sound like a John Kerry moment.

2. He supports the fraud war on terror and believes some camel riding dip shits in caves orchestrated 9/11.

He is a complete fraud and you want to continue your 5th grade education with him and his chalkboard have at it.

I'm sorry Don but you can't be a libertarian and support dropping bombs using unmanned drones on innocent people 6000 miles from home. Its pathetic.

You are NOT a libertarian, you are what I like to call a Neo-liberal!

Comment by Elias Alias
Entered on:

I can add this little bit, if you please. I began listening to Glenn Beck a couple of years before he took to doing TV. The shop where I worked was equipped with a radio which would only pick up one station, and the afternoons at work were marked with three hours of Glenn Beck, whether I liked it or not. After a while, I took an interest in Mr. Beck's message, and I found that he was much more bold than other talk show hosts. Great sense of humor with his Moron Trivia feature. Easy to like the guy. 

But one day he mentioned Carroll Quigley, and that really pinged me, as I have long been a student of the heirs of something called the Rhodes Round Table groups, which were born in London, England, more than a Century ago. Founder was Cecil Rhodes, the Rothschild agent who created the De Beers diamond syndicate for the Rothschild banking family and also consolidated the South African gold mines for the Rothschilds. They had a country named for him in Africa - Rhodesia.  The secret society which Rhodes formed beginning in 1891 is at the roots of the Council on Foreign Relations (1921), was influential in the Woodrow Wilson Administration as they introduced the Federal Reserve System, Inc. and the questionable 16th Amendment creating a Federal income tax with which to guarantee interest payments to the Fed for creating and absorbing this nation's debt while at the same time issuing our monetary system through policy-setting powers granted the Fed under Wilson. Long story short, Glenn Beck in a two year span mentioned Quigley, a known and self-confessed Rhodes Scholar and advocate of the one-world government conspiracy, as well as being an honored and praised Professor at Georgetown University, four times, the dates of said mentioning being written down here.

Why am I talking about Beck's mentioning of Carroll Quigley? It has to do with another writer whom Beck praises grandly and often, the author of "The Five Thousand Year Leap", a man I deeply admire and respect, W. Cleon Skousen. You see, Skousen wrote more books than the "Leap" book. And one of his books is entitled "The Naked Capitalist". That book by Skousen is itself an in-depth expose of the conspiracy revealed by Quigley in his tome, Tragedy And Hope. Skousen masterfully reveals the communist role in the one-world government efforts of the Rhodes Round Table groups and subsequent globalist groups which have now largely replaced or altered the Round Table.  But Skousen also used Quigley's book to show that monopoly-capitalists with ties inside our Federal government have facilitated the incremental dismantling of America from within using Wall Street connections and Federal connections. Skousen's "Five Thousand Year Leap" is highly palatable for those disgruntled Republicans who stampeded out of the Republican Party under Bush-43, and is great propaganda for the Glenn Beck listening audience, which is still rubbing the "sleep" out of their awakening eyes. But I've never heard Beck mention Skousen's "Naked Capitalist" book, and the one and only reason why Mr. Beck refuses to tell his listeners about that little bombshell of a book is simple and in harmony with this article's premise - Mr. Beck dare not reach for the whole truth regarding the conspiracy theory we know as the "new world order's one-world government and the tactics the elite "players" use to effect that government despite all which our Constitution denies such a thing. Quigley gives it to you straight from the horse's mouth, and Skousen walks you through Quigley's screed masterfully, perhaps even more nicely than when he wrote "Leap". The Naked Capitalist is Skousen's report on Quigley and the conspiracy, and once anyone reads both "Leap" and "Naked Capitalist", one knows that the conspiracy is real, is present, is clearly a threat to this nation's sovereignty, and is almost in full control over our cultural and social and economic and political and epistemological infrastructure - and is using the Federal government's assets against the American people while promoting the takeover of an international governing body which already boasts a World Court, a World Trade Organization, a World Bank (and IMF), a World Peace Keeping Force, and which, at Pittsburg recently declared the need for a World Currency.

Glenn Beck knows everything I've just mentioned, and refuses to lead his flock to the knowledge which his favorite writer, Skousen himself, has pointed us to. The fact that Beck has mentioned Quigley and Skousen repeatedly but has not (any time I chanced to be listening, that is) connected the dots so as to include recommending to his listeners that they read The Naked Capitalist by Skousen merely makes the point for this article above, and suggests that Beck is misleading by not taking his audience as far as he knows the truth itself demands. Beck may have another motive for not revealing all he knows, such as a fear of losing his venue, but without going into further reflections from me about Beck's role in other matters, I'll just say that it looks very suspicious to me that Beck is denying the 9/11 Truth movement the way he does, especially in light of the fact that he's familiar with Quigley's work. I have never talked with Beck, so I cannot say with certainty that he knows about The Naked Capitalist by Skousen, but since Beck is affiliated with the Skousen family I must presume that he has at least known that the book exists. If I'm wrong, I'll stand corrected by Mr. Beck. If I'm right, Beck is certainly misleading a very large portion of the politically aware population across America.

 Thanks for the article and thanks for the venue.


Elias Alias

Comment by Nick Barnett
Entered on:

Not US mail, I'll do it correctly. Some courrier service or something. This is sounding better all of the time.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Mail? Like U.S. Mail? Poor parrot will starve.

Comment by Nick Barnett
Entered on:

I'm taking donations to buy a parrot. I will teach this parrot to say hilarious things about Benedict Beck. Then I will mail this parrot to Beck. I can't think of a better idea, this would be... amazing.

Comment by Don Wills
Entered on:

There isn't a whole lot of difference between Hannity, McCain, Giuliani, North and Newt. So? None of them claim to be libertarian. Beck really upsets folks because he's not easy to categorize, and he occasionally claims to be libertarian. As does Wayne Allen Root. So are they equivalent to the Hannity/McCain/Giuliani bunch? Not at all. They are somewhere between Ernie and the bad guys on the good/bad scale. But are they BAD guys? You and Ernie obviously think so. I don't. Yes I wish both were anti-imperialism. Is that the litmus test for libertarianism? How about legalizing heroin? Or abolishing all taxation? Where is that single line in your value judgement scale which has the label BAD on one side and GOOD on the other? Where does Rand Paul fall on your scale? How about Peter Schiff? Jesse Ventura? Gary Johnson? It's not black and white!

When you reject all but those who are lock step with your beliefs, you get a pure population. But it will be really, really small.

Good for Greenspan! I knew he was buddies with Rand, I just didn't know how good.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Don, we've seen "libertarian light" already. It's called the GOP. We've seen where compromise gets the American people. It gets them right where we are today.

We've seen that to embrace conservative fundamentals BUT accept the military-industrial complex is simply to treat the symptoms and not the disease.

Otherwise all you have is a temporary rollback of certain egregious usurpations of the state while tyranny rolls ever forward.

There are some who will spend the rest of their lives applying bandaids to the dying oligarch. There are some who wait anxiously for his demise. There are some willing to help him along his path.

Now tell me before we move merrily along: which shade of grey is John McCain? Which shade of grey is Rudy Giulliani? Which shade of grey is Newt Gingrich? How about Ollie North the neocon drug/gun runner? 

Which shade of grey is the war in Iraq? Which shade of grey is the war in Afghanistan? How many millions killed or injured or displaced and what shade of grey?

Final word: we're not letting Greenspan off the hook just because he banged Ayn Rand either.

Comment by Don Wills
Entered on:

4409 and Oyate -

Get your facts straight. You're hearing about Beck through your extremist filters. Go watch his show for a few weeks and come back with original criticism.

Beck asked Medina directly if she was a 911 truther. She absolutely evaded answering, probably to not offend anyone. Check out the entire story here -

And no I'm not sick of purists, I'm just tired of them believing that the world only exists in black and white. That's simply not the way the world works.

Purists - fine, do not watch or listen to Glenn Beck because he's part of some grand conspiracy. The only result will that you'll go to your grave not having a clue what's going on in the minds of millions of Americans who might possibly be educated to the goodness of libertarianism (pure or impure) and therefore might be convinced to stop electing scumbags to office who are destroying your freedom.

Comment by Renee Houlihan
Entered on:

Thanks for posting this Ed, very good information. 

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
Entered on:

Excuse me Don, but this is the same jack ass that said Debra Medina hated America. Hates America....seriously???? This is the same man that calls Ron Paulers, birthers, and 9/11 truthers Terrorists and that they are going to kill the president...WTF

Glenn Beck is a goof ball with his stupid chalkboard for 5 year olds.. The time for compromise is OVER.  


Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

Eat your Wheaties Don, it's not ending anytime soon. You are sick of purists telling you to be pure, purists are sick of you telling them to compromise for the sake of "unity". But let me ask you this: as you suggest Beck is stepping along the stones one at a time, what or whom got Beck started down this path? The centrists? The moderates?

And where is his next step without the purists? The neocons? The GOP establishment? Not much of an alternative there. About as much alternative as Beck and Hannity. FoxNews or......FoxNews. Instead of encouraging people to choose between Coke and Pepsi, how about offering them a nice drink of pure water?

Comment by Don Wills
Entered on:

I am really tired of libertarians who are unable to understand that the world isn't black and white. This article is an example of that thinking. Beck isn't 100% bad; he isn't 100% good. Is he secretly trying to stop folks from seeing the libertarian light, and is therefore more dangerous than an in-your-face statist like Hannity? No. Does he omit information that might be more enlightening? Sure. Is the reason for omitting such information a well-designed propaganda operation? No. That type of thinking is just silly.

I've listened to Beck on radio before he even showed up on TV on CNN Headline News. He was initially a lock-step Republican. He's been educating himself and slowly moving toward libertarian thinking - yes, he's still a supporter of our war in the middle east, but he recently announced that he no longer supports the Patriot Act. Another example is that he was initially in favor of TARP, but later changed his position to being against TARP. Baby steps. He calls himself libertarian on occasion - he needs to be corrected about that, but in general he's a whole lot closer to us than any other talking head on TV today.

If I had a choice of two hours of Sean Hannity (as close to 100% bad as exists), or one hour of Hannity and one hour of Beck per day on Fox, I'll take the latter.

FWIW, IMO the two most honest talking heads on TV today are Rachel Maddow and Glenn Beck. I don't trust either, but I get some truth from each of them.