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Mish & Faber: Why the Fed Will Never Allow A Fair Value Market Correction

Mish who runs the deflation-friendly blog Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis, observes that the rally is not based on fundamentals, and believes that not only is it time to take profits, the probability of a retest of 666 is "50-50." Faber, always the pragmatist, points out that since the entire US economy is now based on the ponzi principle of money bringing in new money as every offer is chased higher, thinks we will never "see 666 on the S&P 500 ever again. If we go down by say 10-20% on the S&P 500, our money printer in the US, Mr. Ben Bernanke will flood the market with liquidity, weakening the dollar, supporting equities and other assets." In other words, as the race to the currency bottom and the attempt to force inflation inevitably picks up, the one true non-dilutable alternative to fiat one-ply, is and remains gold. As Faber cautiously says "I think an individual should take responsibility and be his own central bank, and buy gold every single month." As to where money can be invested in this time, both seem to agree that Japan, which is already 20 years down the money printing experiment, and there is little marginal fiat dilution remaining, is a good target to invest. This is further reinforced by Dylan Grice's recent observations about numerous Japanese stocks trading at or below liquidation value.