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Adam Kokesh Needs Your Help!

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From an e-mail and post on RonPaulForums.Com:
Well the attacks that pasted Adam Kokesh as anti American over his war protests worked to exclude him from the GOP Ballot.
Delegates, poisoned by weeks of negative information pushed by the GOP establishment, voted to keep Adam off the ballot.

Adam has one more chance to get ballot access and that is to collect an additional 1400 signature by March 26th.

It's NOW or NEVER for this group. We call for the next ten days or we don't have a candidate

Adam and the team are going to be traveling the entire district for the next ten days collecting signatures.

Our job is to call ahead of their travels and get people to the events.
To get 1400 signature we will probably need to call 5000
That's going to mean 100 calls from 50 people in 10 days

Lets call 10,000 anyway and overwhelm the State GOP with signatures

I'll have the lists up Monday morning and give updates daily.

Any questions need to talk please call me 619-279-0361



Thank you,
Ryan Newby  

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Comment by Michael Eck
Entered on:

I think trying to qualify as a Republican is the proper approach at this point; however, if that fails and the Republicans run a RINO or a war monger, Adam will be honor bound to run is a third party candidate to assure that the RINO/war monger does not win.  

PS: Here are some ideas on the matter from some of my fellow patriots here in Virginia: 

“Only fools keep voting for the lesser of two evils.”  Steve Nelson

"I would rather vote for the greater of two evils rather than the lesser and thus bring on the inevitable fight sooner rather than later!" - Dick Cheatham


Comment by woodenmike
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 While I'll work hard to get signatures, I would FULLY SUPPORT a run as an INDEPENDENT. Take the gloves off. You tried to work within the GOP, and got nothing but a broomstick up the butt. They are too STUPID to see that Adam Kokesh is the candidate that can unseat Ben Ray Lujan, and supported Tom Mullins, who's a good Conservitive, but he can't get the crossover vote necessary.

Comment by Don Wills
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Mr. Kokesh,

Fine. Listen to someone who won't even put his name on his postings here.

In my experience, you are far better off trying to fix your locally screwed up LP than trying to change the GOP into accepting you and your ideas. Beating your head against the wall that is the GOP leadership will result in nothing but brain damage. That was my experience in Wyoming, and that's why I rejoined the LP to try to make it functional.

Comment by Anonymous
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 Disregard Don's comments below.  Because "leadership" doesn't make the determination, the grassroots delegates do.

That said, ironically, it was the FP libertarians telling everyone "don't get organized", complain, wave signs, but whatever you do don't engage in the party and drop out of the party if you're in it.

Well, this is what you get.

Adam's been working on this for over a year and every single one of his volunteers could have become delegates.  But they were poorly advised by the libertarian branch and you reap what you sow!

Read em and weep and listen next time rather than b*tch.


Comment by Don Wills
Entered on:

Mr. Kokesh,

Wake and smell the coffee. The leadership of the GOP will never allow folks like you to actually gain any power. They'll pat you on the head and pretend to be your friend, but the minute it looks like you might threaten their power structure, you're toast.

Even though the LP has many problems, if you believe in electoral politics (which unfortunately very few here at FP do), then the LP is your only choice.

Join us. Together we have a chance at changing the system through electoral politics. Separately (libertarian GOPers, LP, CP, independents, non-voting activists, dropouts) we lose.

Don Wills
chairman, Wyoming LP

Comment by foundZero
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Toka ho? My Katua brother Ed says one of our brothers needs help?


 Ed, swing by, scoop me up and let's tear down some roofes.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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FYI: (video)


Comment by Powell Gammill
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sweet!  Thanks for the publicity.  Banned in New Mexico.

Not allowed to be your choice.

GOP helping the incumbent any way they can...the Democratic incumbent.  Now why is that?

If there is anything the r3VOLution has taught young people it is that you will not be allowed to effect change through the system...just shut up and pay taxes...and be fodder when needed.  Still voting?