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Census Anyone?

I watched the local news do a one sided news story on the census. They trumpeted how much money we can get from the Feds. They eluded to your patriotic duty to fill out the form. They said many groups use the data. On this I found common ground with the reporter. Those familiar with the story of Joseph and Mary know that all Caesars love having their cattle counted. They love to number and brand their stock. This type of controlling behavior by government is as old as history. The U.S. Constitution uses the census to determine representation in Congress. However, those of us familiar to the ways of the state see possibilities for abuse. To make the claim that the U.S. government may abuse the power of the census is almost a heresy today. The Idol worshipers of today love Government more than our freedom. They say that our government wouldn't let abuse happen here. So some of us bring up the ugly facts of history to warn people that if it happened in the past, it could happen in