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Microsoft, Cybersecurity, and the Attack of the Body Scanners.

First thing I would like to get to is the new 50 page cybersecurity bill that just passed the house, and is now entering the senate. It’s surprising to me that most people are not outraged by this bill. It is widely known and feared throughout the tech community because if it passes the senate, and sent to obama for signing into law, it will be the death of open source as well as freedom on the internet, all for the sake of safety from some unknown looming threat.

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The answer is, that legislation be enacted that hereafter, every candidate for public office be contractually tied to his/her platform, and when elected, if he/she does not fulfill the terms of the platform/contract in the timely manner stated in the contract... immediate execution, except in some rare circumstances... life in prison. The person who takes over the position of the executed official, must immediately fulfill the terms of his/her predecessor's platform/contract, or be executed as well (except in the case of the successor being newly elected). The only exception being the immediate resignation of the successor. And so on, one official after the next.