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Symbols, Security, and Collectivism (Gold Star ranking for Drivers Lic.)

• Cato
the Nevada license, with this gold star, takes a dramatic step toward carving the population into groups—groups that can be divided. Maybe soon two stars will be for military veterans, or people licensed to own firearms. Three stars could be for elected officials.


NOTE: WUO airs promptly at 9AM CST tomorrow. Stay tuned for change in air-times. Special podcasts outside of WUO will be following the latest in a "desert dash" for national identity initiatives based on immigration raids.

Arizona has a spring board for a very "Stasi feeling" legislation, discussed this morning in detail on Ernest Hancock's Declare Your Independence. According to reports, this legislation includes random terry stops of Arizonans. If you cannot prove you are a citizen on the spot with national ID or green cards you are detained for the crime of refusing to identify by local police enforcement. All of these terry stop reports go through ICE/DHS. Local coverage can be followed on the AZ Republic and .

We should have more information for you as news develops.

The matter of Nevada's gold starred licenses

What does the gold star mean and why does it matter? Tune in to this very special "Fairness Doctrine" program featuring the advocates and administrators closest to Nevada's trials and tribulations to nationalize their drivers licences. We will be speaking with Nevada DMV Public Information Officer, Tom Jacobs and Rebecca Gasca with the ACLU of Nevada.