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They are EXPECTING an uprising

Last Friday morning, you could see workers beginning to set up barricades around the Capitol in preparation for the demonstrations they expect in response to the Democrats' autocratic actions. They mistakenly think that the Tea Party protests are temporary flareups that mere barricades can contain, but their legislative and executive tyranny is unleashing emotions that have the potential to rival the antislavery movement of the Civil War era and the Civil Rights protests of the 1960s. Having abandoned those transcendent moral principles upon which this nation was founded for a false ideology of their own imagining, these people have no understanding of the righteous fury that will build in this nation when her citizens see their government sanction morally reprehensible acts.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Almost all the Federal lawsuits against the common people are not technically even addressed to the common person. They are addressed to the Social Security entity that bears the SSN and has a name similar to that of the SS entity (a particular Social Security account). It's only when the ignorant human says that, yes, that's me, that Government goes against him.

How much less do those dumb laws affect the human who is willing to legally state that he or she is not addressed in the particular law.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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I would like to see the faces of those that are putting up the barriers,and their names just in case their family members are in the crowd they are willing to mow down when told to...will they Kill Their Own Mother....If Told To? OR! do their families agree that Killing Americans is the thing to do,and stay home?

How about our Military....are they also willing to KILL AMERICANS when TOLD to?

Obama is making all of the threats...who will back them up?

Is their some imaginary force,or!! will our own son`s and daughters do the Killing?Our own brothers and sisters?..Who will provide the force necessary to defeat The America People?...Will it be YOU PRIVATE?..or YOU 2ND LUI?

What the hell is really in the "Salt Peter"?

What is this force the Americans fear?  Fear Itself maybe?

Comment by Richard Stone
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 Congress has nothing to fear if they have done nothing wrong. Translation, Run for your lives !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!