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John Boehner on Foxnews: HC>>"Let's Put It This Way, They Don't Have The Votes" -

Watch Video John Boehner on Foxnews Greta: "Let's Put It This Way, They Don't Have The Votes" "If the American people stay engaged, they'll never get there" "The arrogance of power that's going on here...It makes me sick" Greta: "Any idea of when this House vote is gonna be?" Boehner: "They're trying to have it on Sunday and that's the current schedule, but if they don't have the votes, they may be trying to do Sunday but they're not gonna bring this to the floor unless they have the votes" Greta: "Any idea, what's your head count right now?" Boehner: "Let's put it this way, they don't have the votes...They've never had the votes...They may be peeling off a few votes but the fact is they're not there yet and if the American people stay engaged in this fight, they'll never get there"