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Dear Congressmen (an open letter to congress, essentially calling them out)

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Copy & paste the url into your broswer if the hotlinking comes up 'banned' http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1016948/pg1 ********************* Dear Congressmen It is much to my dismay in having to write such a letter, nonetheless to address such abominable issue(s) that you very well know are both conflictual and detrimental to our State residents and to each and every taxpaying American citizen of this country. Excuse my tenacity, however, here is where my 'manner gloves' come off. Each and every one of you who have been voted into Congress is responsible to and for the people. May I remind you that We don't work for you, you work for us. We voted you in, and we will vote you out. This mandatory health care bill is just one of many atrocities being shoved down our throats. Do not for a moment, believe that we do not understand the motives, math and results behind all of this. *Give us some credit here. We Americans, are disgusted with all of you. Ign

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