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Phoenix councilman handcuffed and thrown to ground at fire scene

• The Arizona Republic
The Phoenix Police Department's internal affairs unit is investigating an incident early Friday in which an officer threw City Councilman Michael Johnson to the ground and temporarily handcuffed him as the councilman tried to check on a disabled neighbor whose South Phoenix home was on fire. Johnson, a former police officer and homicide detective, said in an interview Friday morning that he believed the police "abused their power" in the incident. Later Friday, he also released a formal statement saying he planned "to sit down with our chief and discuss the treatment of residents by our police. I'm sure this doesn't happen all the time, but it happens enough. And it happens to people who can't say something or who don't know who they can turn to." At a news conference Friday morning, Police Chief Jack Harris and City Manager David Cavazos said they take Johnson's allegations very seriously and will take appropriate action once the facts are known. Harris said that he asked pol

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Comment by Unsheepled Michael
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 Hmmmmmm,  they  will cut him  a big  check  to  make  up...and 


Comment by foundZero
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"That's not the way we do it out here". Great quote.

Comment by Ducatijeanne
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4409, wow, spot on!!!!! A short course on how a thankful Government uses unlimited funds to abuse it's power.

Comment by 4409
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Its only gonna get worse. Funny, one of your own highly paid mercenaries abuses you. Guess you should have cut the force instead of jamming that food tax down our throats.