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Glenn Beck visits PHX on 4/10/2010

• Glenn Beck
Maybe he'll get some truth while he is here...

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Comment by Jason Van Gilder
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I watch Glenn beck, and for the most part he has some good information. HOWEVER I do not like being called a domestic terrorist because I supported Ron Paul in 2007 and was going to bomb people with our "money bomb". I do not condone what he did to Debra Medina. I most defiantly don’t condone the hate that he spreads about the victims of 911 and the 911 truth movement, and I gain that whole opinion from watching his show and his radio show.

Comment by Nick Barnett
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Don, it simply doesn't matter. Beck says 911 truth people want to kill the president. Ridiculous. He's controlled opposition.

Comment by Don Wills
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Prison Planet is a perfect example of the biased filters through which many of the keyboard cowboys here at FP judge Glenn Beck. No he's not a true libertarian, but he's a whole lot better than Hannity, Bill O and the rest of the GOP apologists who have full hour shows on Fox News. Go watch Beck's show for a couple of weeks and then your opinion will have some legitimacy.

Comment by Trouser Chili
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Here's a great resource page on Glenn Beck: