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Can the Constitution stop Obamacare?

• The Washington Post
Libertarian constitutional lawyer and author Randy Barnett discusses the potential legal ramifications of the Democrats' health care legislation.

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Comment by Found Zero
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vanversive, that would take a pretty long time. The laws would have to take effect and mal-effect of the law to give someone legal standing to challenge the law and the whole thing would have to grind all the way to SCOTUS who may or may not be inclined to hear it, etc.

Obamacare might just be designed to kill off all plaintiffs before they can testify before SCOTUS. LOL.

Anyways, although they issues are major, I'm not too concerned about this one because economic collapse will make short work of Obamacare. And if nothing else brings that about, Obamacare will. Our big industries are smoldering, all that's left is our SMBs, our small to medium businesses and this will wipe most of them out.

Comment by Jason Van Gilder
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Lawsuits, lawsuits, and more lawsuits. 

Comment by Richard Stone
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 A lot of politicians will not have a job in November. Fear the people.

Comment by Found Zero
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I suspect the nullification movement just took a greap leap foreward.

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