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Black Hole of Debt: We Have Passed The Economic Event Horizon

We are risking severe civil unrest and the possible destruction of our republic by our continued refusal to face the mathematical facts, not just a "double dip" recession. What Greece and other nations are seeing now is nothing compared to what is on the horizon and will reach us if we do not act. Mathematics yield to no political desire or arrogance wielded by man or woman. Those relationships described by mathematics inexorably come to pass, unless you change the equations. In a debt-backed fiat currency world continuing to load debt into a system that has too much debt in it related to production is a futile and self-destructive act, just as is an alcoholic deciding to chug yet another bottle of whiskey. Economically we are facing liver failure and brain cancer unless we stop gorging on our drug of choice - debt. Whether the consequence of ceasing to do so is politically expedient or not is, at this point, immaterial. We are literally gambling with the ability of this nation to continue forward as a going and peaceful, civil concern. We still have time to act and do the right thing to halt what will befall us should we continue on our present path, but that time is running out.

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Comment by Maddawg Mcclowski (24944)
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I'm going to predict the end sometime between July and August and the Shit will hit the fan bigtime.