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Daylight saving time a waste of energy

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The conclusion reached by Kotchen and Grant was that while the lighting costs were reduced in the afternoons by daylight saving, the greater heating costs in the mornings, and more use of air-conditioners on hot afternoons more than offset these savings. Kotchen said the results were more “clear and unambiguous” than results in any other paper he had presented.

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Comment by Anonymous
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 Anti-government freaks are uselessly misusing so much energy to cure their bias or neurosis. Think of anything disagreable, in this case anything disagreable about DST and it is the government's fault! To them it is not DST -- it is DWT or daylight wasting time the government plots against the people! In this particular save the world delirium, some hallucinating paper revolutionaries will write down their next prejudice or protest against the government's imagined take over of their private lives. To get tonight's sleep, make a glass of water handy and get the pills ready.

Comment by Ed Price
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I thought everybody knew that daylight savings time was just another ploy along with cold war bunkers and everything else that government says, to keep people from having enough time to focus on the important things that government is doing to them.