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Judge orders detainee abused at Guantanamo to be freed

• McClatchy News
 A federal judge on Monday ordered the Pentagon to release a long-held Mauritanian captive held at Guantanamo Bay who was once considered such a high-value detainee that former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld designated him for "special interrogation techniques."

U.S. District Judge James Robertson's ruling was classified, so there was no immediate explanation for why he granted the habeas corpus petition of Mohamedou Slahi, 39. A notation in court files said an unclassified version of the ruling would be made available, but didn't say when.

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Open the gate and let them out.  I already bought my bullet-proof vest.  I am now shopping for an armored car to buy and drive down the streets of New York.  I still have this creep when I pass by ground zero everyday.  My anxiety had multiplied per terrorist detainee the court had so far released.  When 911 terrorist Mastermind Khalid is freed by the court for having been “tortured”, I will start living in my garrison that I have already constructed underground.  I don’t know about you.  The building of the spaceship to transport Americans to the Moon has not even been started yet.  Obama is too preoccupied with his priority project, this humongous healthcare plan that requires a massive expenditure. In the meantime, I have chosen my alternative for survival.

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The fruit never stops rolling out of Rummy's Rotten Apple Cart. Kids get eaten for free!

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