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Census blamed for roundup and internment of Japanese Americans

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The academics say the Census Bureau’s involvement included identifying concentrations of people of Japanese ancestry in geographic units as small as city blocks, lending a senior Census Bureau official to work with the War Department on the relocation program and a willingness to disclose names and address of Japanese Americans. 

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Comment by Unsheepled Michael (25547)
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but  it  says  so  in  bold  letters 

"No  other  agency  will get this  secured  data"

 If  they  used  it  for  gang  raids   it  was  only  to  eliminate  competition.

We  are  ******,  really !

The  Gestapo  and  the  rest  of  the  Nazi  thugs  that  were imported  after  WWII (operation paperclip) bred  and  multiplied , and  have  taken over...Or  so  it  seems  to  me  anyway :(

Comment by Powell Gammill (13871)
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Census compiled data was also used to target gang raids in LA.