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President Obama Approves Biometric National ID

Tucked inside an immigration amnesty proposal, first presented during a meeting at the White House last week with Senators Lindsey Graham (SC) and Charles Schumer (NY), the measure will require all working Americans to obtain a biometric ID via a thumbprint retinal scan or other measure before being granted permission to earn a living. As previously reported, Americans have successfully fought off several past attempts to saddle ‘We the People’ with the twenty-first century equivalent to East German PKZ papers, roundly rejecting such an affront to our Natural Liberties. However fueled by their pornographic lust for power, the central planning experts persist with their machinations to brand and coral us like cattle on the ever-growing federal plantation. Thus, as the entire old-media and much of the blogosphere continue to buzz with talk over passage of the government health care scheme, the Central Authority and its aristocratic pull peddlers continue their march to tear down an

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