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Hillary Clinton: America to Blame for Mexican Gun Deaths

• Mondo Frazier
HIllary Clinton repeats the Obama canard: "Mexican drug dealers don't kill Mexicans, American guns do."

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Comment by Found Zero
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Ross, you've fallen for the deception. Hillary is lethally cunning. Her and her husband were a dedicated team, 100% committed to helping advance their mutual political careers. Their political opponents have usually found themselves decimated. The Clintons almost NEVER EVER do frontal assault, they attack by proxy, they deploy their stick at your flank and approach you with the carrot.

 Temper, if I admit that Condi was cute the next thing I'm going to think of is her and GWB bumping uglies and that will require several years of expensive therapy to get it out of my mind so no. So not going there.

Comment by Ross Wolf
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Is it possible Hillary Clinton is much less intelligent than her fans give her credit? Perhaps Hillary doesn't think that deep; Obama winds her up, puts a script in her hand and sends her off.

Comment by Anonymous
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I thought Condi was less than we deserved but at least she had class, was good looking, and has some serious brains under her hair - but Hillary - BROTHER, WHAT A SCREAMING LOSER!!!

Comment by Found Zero
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Here's a little tune meant to be sung with something like Bing Crosby in your mind:

Hillary oh Hillary

why does your name sound like cellery?

or maybe like hellery or maybe something more

Hillary oh Hillary, maybe it's like shillery

making me so shivery and more!

Parsely sage and Rosemary,

have nothing on you, whore!


(big finish)

Comment by Found Zero
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Well folks, let's just imagine this scenario, let's keep you as the drug kingpin, heaad of a multibillion dollar globalized industry, and now to get your guns you have to talk to Billybob. And you say this:

Entonces, mi hermoano Billi! Que tal muchacho? Da me una brazo!

And Billybob says "I wants a ham sandwich."

And you say (using an interpreter now) claro que si hermano, and motion to a servant you say "sandwich de halmon alo gringo" and return to Billybob with a radient smile who says

"how about that ham sandwich Paco?"

OK, your name is Estaban. Estaban. Me llamo Esteban.

Sure whatever esteppin' i wanna ham sandwich and a beer and it's gonna cost ya $1500 and that there whole per rifle and I can only gets 'em to ya when I wants ta be with this here whore".

And you, Esteban, the global drug lord, have no choice, no choice at all but to BOW TO THE UGLY AMERICAN.

And that was many years ago, and now as an old man, you, the great Esteban can only find short moments to weep, for while the guns continue to trickle through, more just before Christmas and holidays when Billybob needs extra dollars for his 135 children, you think of the last time you saw your daughter. When Billybob had her slung over his shoulder and was shouting "I know y'all gots a basement around here somewhere".

And you think "what a price I have paid for my success".

Comment by Found Zero
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You know, it's no wonder druglords get paid so much, the logistical challenges must be a nightmare.

First of all you have to set up production on a massive scale under the threat of US funded narcos with aircraft and the works.

Then you have to set up refinement and distribution on similar scale.

Then you have to set up delivery and for this you quickly find you have to master all forms of land, sea and air transport.

And then you have to figure out how to launder billions of dollars and convert it to assets all over the globe.

And at the end of the day, you have to rely on pissant Billybobs with station wagons to get you the massive amounts of guns you need to protect your global operation by the ones and twos across the USA border. Or send dudes with light skin and good American accents to buy them one or two at a time from gun shows and smuggle them back.

Wouldn't that make you feel silly? You have two Gulfstream aircraft, 5 Mercedes S-class sedans, 4 Escalade SUVs, all armour plated, several security teams, all the comforts of home and you have to rely on Billybob to diddle you AKs one at a time across the border.

Which really pisses you off because just last week this dude from Bealrus was practially BEGGING you to take two containers of Galils off his hands for pennies on the dollar because his banking system just imploded and he needs cash quick and he can land them in Panama yesterday, in fact they are there, FOB, waiting for someplace to drive, the drivers are in the trucks, engines are warm, tanks are full.

And you passed it up because you have to have American guns. One at a time. From Billybob.

Stupid you.

Comment by Found Zero
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Joel Turner's comment only brings up more perplexing possibilities and tantalizing tangents!

I have heard that Mexican drug lords prefer AK47s. At least the ones on television do.

OK so these are Soviet (post-USSR) jobs right? They aren't American guns by any stretch of the imagination, got me there Tovarisch? With me there Drukhs?

Well it's presumed all the drug-lord AKs come from the USA. Yeah. Meanwhile the USSR spent a decade saturating Latin America with the things and by the way, what's-his-name in Venezuela is taking delivery on about a half million more about a year ago but never mind. Hillary says these are "American guns" so basically what we have here is a "anchor baby" form of citizenship with guns.

Hey call me crazy but that's the only way they could do it right? Get your AK across the border long enough for it to give birth to another AK, born on Amerian soil, fully vested with the right to call itself an American firearm.

That MUST be how they are doing it. There's no other way. They need to do this because an operation that can smuggle drugs internationally cannot hope to possibly have the expertise to procure firearms on the open market or the black market.

Comment by Found Zero
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Hillary, when you attack Iran, that will be American bombs and missiles killing Iranians. But you will say they brought these actions on themselves. So what will that be? Iranians killing Iranians? Just using us as a proxy? Or just using our weapons?

It's gonna be one of these things fault: our weapons to kill them, their weapons to kill them, them using us to kill them, them using our weapons to kill them, us using our weapons to kill them, us using their weapons to kill them, us using them to kill them (if they run out of weapons), or maybe even us using them to kill the weapons in which case they will have to buy more. From us.

Anyways Hillary, from the matrix you have sketched out, your options have to be one of the above.

Comment by Joel Turner
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What percentage of millitary grade weapons and firearms have been bought from the CIA backed groups in Central America, and are being used in this drug war.


Ooooops I think too much.

Comment by Found Zero
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If an American pencil mis-spells a word in Mexico, what language would it be in?

Comment by Jet Lacey
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That's funny, I thought it was either the butchering people into 6 large pieces and placing them in a trash bag that is left in public, or the placement of people into huge vats of strong acid that liquefies them.  

Who knew?