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Almost a quarter of Republicans think Obama 'may be the Anti-Christ' as 14 states sue over h

Almost a quarter of Republicans think Obama 'may be the Anti-Christ' as 14 states sue over healthcare reforms Just another boys' club: Barack Obama, centre on the phone, is surrounded by male aides at the White House as they plot healthcare reform this week in a new image released today. The President has been compared to the Anti-Christ More than half of the Republicans quizzed by Harris Poll, 57 per cent, believed the president was secretly Muslim, something he has consistently denied. And 67 per cent of Republicans who responded believed Obama was a socialist, despite his central leanings. The startling results came as lawyers representing 14 U.S. states filed lawsuits yesterday challenging an overhaul of the country's $2.5trillion healthcare system, minutes after President Barack Obama signed the landmark legislation. One joint lawsuit by a dozen Republican attorneys general and a Democrat claims the sweeping reforms violate state-government rights in the U.S. Constitu

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Comment by Leslie Fish
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"Anti-christ", my rosy red rear!  Obama's just another Chicago politician, and -- having lived in Chicago for a dozen years -- I know the breed.  He's a glib, smooth talker who takes his marching-orders from the Democratic National Committee, collects his goodies and stays bought -- just like any other crooked politician.  The Republicans, who came up with Bush, have no right to squall about the Democrats coming up with Obama.  Both parties are equally distanced from the American people, equally opportunistic, and equally crooked.  We desperately need a viable third party!  Where are the Libertarians, now that we need them?





Comment by Powell Gammill
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What is more disturbing?   That Republicans think Obama is the anti-Christ?  Or that only one quarter of them do?

Comment by Anonymous
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I wouldn't call Obama the 'Anti-Christ', that would be giving our national Socialist Joker and would-be tyrant too much credit.   

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Ooooooh Myyyyyyy GAWD!