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"Agorism" (You'll start hearing a lot more about this philosophy as things get worse)

Agorists are propertarian market anarchists who consider property rights to be natural rights deriving from the primary right of self-ownership. Thus, together with agorism's advocacy of using counter-economics and private defense to defeat the state, agorism can be considered a type of anarcho-capitalism that has a revolutionary streak.[5] Agorists consider their ideas to be an evolution and superlation of those of Murray Rothbard. Konkin describes agorists as "strict Rothbardians... and even more Rothbardian than Rothbard [himself]."[6]

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Comment by Ben Nichols
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Lotekjunky, Samuel Konkin never wrote anything regarding agorism requiring any Georgist land tax systems.

Here is a link to read the New Libertarian Manifesto, where Konkin first outlined his philosophy. That should give you a better understanding of agorism.

Comment by Nick Barnett
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Can someone help me out here. I'm getting confused. Agorists view property rights as stemming from the natural right of owning yourself. I dig that. After doing some reading, I see stuff about land use taxes and not being able to own land. It sounds Georgist to me. What am I missing?

Comment by Ben Nichols
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Oh opps. I Suppose I should have read the earlier comments before I posted my last one. Great minds think a like.

Comment by Ben Nichols
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Also check out  

There's a lot more recourses and such on there.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Better information may be found at

There is also a "counter-economics" content category on Freedom Phoenix, although it is inaccessible (bug report made).

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