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Pro-Obamacare Thugs, Not Tea Party Activists, Are The Real Violent Extremists

• Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet
Democratic proponents of the health care bill have attempted to portray anger being expressed by the majority of Americans who opposed the bill as some kind of vicious and deadly mass assault, casting themselves as poor victims of a bloodthirsty mob, when in reality the only real instances of violence have been carried out by pro-Obamacare thugs, with Tea Party activists their victims.

Alex Jones: Tea Party Activists Are Not Terrorists In reality, a couple of stunts and a few broken windows pale in comparison to the treatment dished out to anti-Obamacare activists on behalf of leftist Obamanoid goons.

During a debate on MSNBC yesterday, David Shuster attempted to put author Kevin Jackson on the spot by challenging him to name one incident where Republicans had been similarly “attacked”.