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Nullification: Twenty-five States With Firearms Freedom Acts

• John Birch Society
Tired of a Congress that continually ignores the Constitution and its principles of limited government, coupled with non-responsive representation in that body, activists are taking their freedom fight to their state legislatures. They have found sympathetic ears and pro-active representation at a level a bit closer to home with the principle of nullification. Exactly half of the state legislatures of these United States of America are engaged in nullifying, or have passed, nullification laws that restrict the authority of the federal government in the area of gun control. Entitled Firearms Freedom Acts and closely modeled on the Montana Firearms Freedom Act, these legislatures are trying to stop the overreach of the federal government by simply ignoring the government’s false claim to regulation under the Commerce Clause in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution and declaring the state’s authority over firearms, accessories and ammunition under the Tenth Amendment of the Constitu