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Burger King's secret cameras stun customers

by Chris Matyszczyk Burger King's secret cameras stun customers Surveillance cameras can be such a menace. We never really know these days whether someone is spying on us doing intimate, personal, but often necessary things. Burger King in Brazil decided that, perhaps, a little surveillance might go a long way to create a large amount of customer loyalty. You might think that their promise that you can "Have It Your Way" would not be entirely conducive to the use of secret cameras. However, in a very nifty and personal touch, they photographed customers secretly while they were ordering their burgers and then printed the customers' pictures on the wrapper. I can imagine this interesting procedure might have slowed service just a fraction. But the pleasure that people experienced on seeing their own face covering a large slab of pleasantly greasy meat, possibly defrosted bread and the condiments of a distant chef shows that the personal touch is, without question, very m

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Comment by Ross Wolf (28231)
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Camera surveillance has gotten so intense many attorneys won’t meet clients at restaurants. Most people don’t know that government has for years, had software capable of lip reading someone’s videotaped conversation. For example, in some restaurants you might have noticed when sitting across the table from someone there are often two cameras at opposite sides of a dinning room making it possible to video tape separately both persons engaged in a conversation. Subsequently if government software can’t deduce what someone said, authorities might bring in an old fashion lip reader to replay a surveillance tape in hopes of filling in a missing word. So when a person government is interested in uses a credit card at a restaurant or bar, the documented time need only be matched close to the time registered prior on surveillance video cameras for government to discover what two or more people talked about. When I spend time in Las Vegas, it was amazing how many people in casino coffee shops constantly held their hand in front of their mouth when speaking to someone across the table. Then the other person to the conversation would do the same thing. And coincidently there were surveillance cameras near by.