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Hello, my name is Big Government – Guns, Drugs and Health Care equal Control

I will be conducting this course, it is called big brother 101 – tactics. Now I want all of you students to forget about what you have learned in school. Why, because Big Brother told you to. Besides, controlling schools and school books is a tactic of ours. If we control your past (memory) we can control your present. If we control your past and present, we will control your future. How can this be you ask? Lets take healthcare for instance. Once in America Doctors made house calls and had to compete with midwives and such. They had to compete in a thing called the free market. Any person could go to the store and purchase medication without a permission slip from a government approved Health Care Provider. We convinced these people that freedom was not safe. We told them to only use government approved Doctors. This limited competition. We also restricted access to medicines. They would now have to get permission from a government approved Doctor who was trained at a government