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The Love Police - LOV3 is Spreading Across the Planet


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Comment by Judy Staab
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Reverse psychology is quite powerful. People don't like being told what to do. Obviously some strategy went into this exercise. I applaud them. Whatever it takes!

Comment by Norma Brown
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Well at least he can use a microphone, in my US city, the use of microphones is now illegal in protests, or any public actions. The attempt to hug a policeman here might result in charges of assault upon an officier and might get you shot as well .

Comment by Nick Barnett
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I completely disagree, Don. If you watch some of their videos, they are truly waking people up to the idiotic totalitarian laws that the citzenry yield to on a daily basis. I applaud Charlie, this man knows what he is doing.. and he's doing it with LOVE

Comment by Don Wills
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Typical British idiocy. Or humour. Not sure which. In either case it's quite useless. If the Love Police think they're actually doing something useful to take on "the man", they're seriously deluded. If what they could actually have an impact on the tyranny that runs London, the authorities would arrest them immediately.