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GOP Rep: Voters Shouldn’t Be Able to Elect Senators

• Washington Independent
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) — a judge in his prior career — comes out for repealing the 17th Amendment, to “restore the balance” between the federal government and the states by giving the right to appoint senators back to state legislatures.

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Comment by Richard Bennett
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This is misleading. Rep. Louie Gohmert is not, according to his aide, advocating for repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment. Instead, he wants a constitutional convention, which could destroy our Constitution. Please feel free to call Rep. Gohmert's office to verify this information.

Comment by Anonymous
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 YES!!!  The illusion is that the 17th Amendment made senators representatives of the people of the States.  The truth is that senators are no longer representatives of the States anymore, but serve (sic) "At Large"; they're "the Senator FROM...", NOT "the Senator FOR...".

Comment by Anonymous
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 Under the system provided by the founding fathers up until the 17th amendment, Senators were "representatives" of the States and Representatives were representatives of the People.

Do you not agree that the system the founders provided us is vastly superiod to the system of government we have today?

Think about this.  It was also the case that the states paid the salaries and expenses of their US Representatives and US Senators.

Now, the Department of the Treasury, an executive branch agency, run by the Secretary of the Treasury who reports to the President issues the paychecks for the Legislative Branch of government.