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Putin vows to 'destroy' Moscow Metro terrorists

• AFP,
A WOMAN told of her lucky escape after surviving both of the twin rush-hour suicide bombings on packed metro trains in Moscow that killed at least 38 people yesterday. Alexandra Antonova, who was in Lubyanka station when the first blast occurred, told RIA Novosti she was deafened by the sound, but didn't think it was a terrorist attack. "At first I didn't think it was a terrorist attack. Then I saw all the smoke and realised it had been an explosion," she said. "My only thought was to get away as quickly as possible." She managed to change to a different train and arrived at Park Kultury metro station, the site of the second attack, just a few minutes before the blast.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Message to Vlad:

In case it missed your notice, the terrorists blew themselves up.  If by saying you are 'going to get them' you man you will bomb, shell and bayonet the people of Chechnya creating another round of survivors who seeing their entire family dead and property destroyed figure they have nothing left to live for but to get some revenge, then rock on dude.  I'd hate for the mob to perceive you as impotent.