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Online Tax Revolt March for America April 15th...

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FYI - If you look at some of the leadership involved in this 'revolt', you quickly see that there are many hypocrites (politicians that have voted for bailouts, people that advocate for all manner of programs, etc...), but this is a non-violent way to express to the big bad IRS that we are taking our country forward to a time and place that we will not put up with the robbery and invite them to remove their greedy hands from our wallets.
There is a massive rejection of the established powers taking place in our country.  Americans are mad as hell and we are not going to take anymore.  The Online Tax Revolt is about sending a clear message to Washington that we are a growing and vocal movement that is calling for real change.
The first-ever Online Tax Revolt, a free, interactive march on Washington was launched using state of the art technology. Concerned Americans can have a voice on tax policy, culminating on April 15 with events in Washington, D.C.
“The Online Tax Revolt is open to every American who believes taxes and spending are out of control, harmful to our country and a threat to our nation’s future,” said Campaign Chairman Ken Hoagland.  “Our economic future and that of future generations is at stake.  We need taxes that are lower and a tax structure that’s fair.

“We’re in serious trouble and it falls to us to get the nation back on track. This march is a wake-up call to everyone in Washington that the American people won’t be ignored any longer,” said Mr. Hoagland.
Marchers simply log on to, choose an appropriate avatar and have it march to the nation’s capital. 
Participants can march individually or in teams.  Other team leaders will be announced in coming weeks.