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Fox news goes after Alex Jones

The mainstream media has been trying to peg patriot groups as hate groups ever since the southern poverty law center released a list of violent hate groups. Now they are trying to mix the tea parties and other grass roots movements to violence since the health care bill passed. Guilty by association is dangerous folks, but now they need to label a leader and because of that they set their eyes on radio talk show host Alex Jones.

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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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gee fox is a bunch of a holes with no method to their madness since they are govt flunkies who are a bunch of hate pushers with their glenn the phony bolony idiot

who is so moronic these people are just like joseph goebles of the nazies regime who pushed his mania with his facist buddy adolph the hitler turd

the best song for these people is der fuerors face this is on youtube as well have a nice facist day obama faggot lovers fox

Comment by Keith Hamburger
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I don't know why the site doesn't put my name into my comments, whether I log in or not.  I do not like posting anonymous comments, I stand behind what I say.  The previous comment (and this one) was brought to you by ...

Keith Hamburger 

Comment by Keith Hamburger
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So, if Ernie were to be investigated and subpoenad by DHS due to comments by a visitor to this site would it be "thin skinned" for him to point out who he believes might be behind such and their hypocrisy?

Comment by Brock Lorber
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