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Cops Bust Into CA Home Without Warrant

Bakersfield, California - March 30, 2010: About 6:30AM, cops bust into a woman’s home in Bakersfield, California without a warrant. They repeatedly banged on doors and yelled “Open the door!” while other cops were climbing in through windows and breaking in through a back door. She repeatedly asked to see the warrant, which was never shown. In the video, you can clearly see her open the front door where one lone cop stood, and then others walked up from behind her, already inside the home. (View the 2 videos available at Clearly these cops believe they are above the law and have no regard for peoples’ Rights. We would like to commend this internally strong woman for standing on her own and making this video available.

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Comment by Found Zero
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Some notes for the LEOs here. Read my previous for my notes for you People and how not to get killed.

Anyways, PRETTY GOOD JOB TO DEPUTIES in that situation. I know the opening sounds harsh, but they gained attention and then did a pretty good take-down. That was a move-in and a take-down folks. It could have gone a LOT worse.

Deputies used non-threatening body language and they dep at the front door didn't let his voice get hostile in spite of hostile challenges to his authority. That shows restraint. We don't see his assume a defensive posture, although we can assume he can reach and fire his sidearm very quickly.

Notice the lack of yelling and screaming as deps from behind the homeowner sneak up behind her?

OK, let's more on to the Fed dickbag. Totally covered under support of deputies, free to conduct his search. He has to turn around and give the lady lip. What a stuffed-shirt or as we say in the industry, and I'll give you a goodie, what we call it is:


Another way to put it, that you of real careers put it is NON-PROFESSIONAL.

In England they call it "jobsworth"

On the streets and in the camps, this translated roughly to "asshole" or "scumbag" or it's derivatives including "scum sucker", "pond scum", "scum sack", "scrotum breath" and from there the derivates into "penis breath" & etc.

The taxonomy if just endless. What a party for the entymologists of the future!

But the whole while this supposed and self-appointed shiny-badge, so called "warrent officer" he was trying to defend his tiny, shiny badge when he should have been doing his job.

What a fuckup.

Other deputies that engaged in tit-for-tat insults, NON-PROFESSIONAL with all attendant words such as "penis breath" afforementioned. And I'll tell you something Penis Breath: I have done what you have done. Not all of what you do but part of it. And if I did what you do, I would have been dead long ago my brothers. Not all of you but some of you. Take this to heart. Because I have also done things for you that you didn't want to do. DB pickup. The other "scoop and scoot".

See you get life up close and personal. I got that and death up close and personal.

LEOs, each and every one of you take a good look at yourself, your life and your oath. As of now I consider myself to be on your side. Failure in your own ranks is responsible for those Americans who are not. For the alien gangs who seek to out-gun you, we are on your side. For as long as you let us be.

Comment by Found Zero
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Federal warrant officer? Gee, wow. Interesting.

A couple of notes on Ariona warrant officers, sometimes known as bail bonds officers, bail bondsmen, yer basic "bounty hunter"; we are given pretty freaking wide lattitude. Now when I say "we" just go with it, I am not involved anymore but man, look: there is already at least a bench warrant out for you. And we are given by law powers to make an arrest if we can catch you. No, we can't just bust into houses looking for you, no we can't harrass your friends and associates, but if we KNOW we can get you and we produce a fugitive in handcuffs, the bench tends to look upon our actions with favour.

TENDS TO. We don't have immunity. We can't just go beat everybody up and terrify the kids the way SOME PEOPLE do.

And make no mistake, we can use the degree of force necessary to render effective our arrest. And if you attempt to flee from us, having heard our lawful order to stop, we can...use such force as necessary to reder effective our arrest because you are under arrest from the moment I say so. And if you attack me or my partner, wells, more forms, more paperwork. But generally I get my bounty. If I'm not up on criminal charges myself because there's no PBA for a bondsman. There is a union. Ha ha.

Anyways, when we got a fuge, and it's usually down to non-invasive surveilance, we got our guy unless he has an underground tunnel of a Star Trek transporter beam and no, no warrant. No warrant needed. See, you are ALREADY a fuge. FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE. Which means you do not have ordinary protection of Constitutional law. And the law treats it as an unfortunate coincidence if you happen to be among friends or family when we take you into custody. The law says we can protect ourselves from you, should you get hairy and man, the law is just by inclination on our side.

If we don't screw up. And ruin your day and we're wrong, the fuge isn't there or he's so cleveryly hidden we can't find him. Then you can pretty much ruin our little picnic in court. And if things get out of hand and it turns into a shooting match and you tag one of us and it turns out WE'RE WRONG, well, generally everybody will disavow us and give you the sympathy you would so richly deserve. And the compensation.

But look, most of this is either an extension of citizen's arrest and a couple legal favours the court did to licensed bondsmen to make the job possible. Because the simple fact is that law enforcement still recognizes there's some things it can't do, some places it can't be, some people it can't be seen with. So they put money there to be made.

To sum up, if you even come face to face with a private bondsman, more commonly known as "bounty hunter" don't even TRY, DON'T EVEN TRY the Constitution rap. Don't ask for a warrant when you are staring down the barrel of a gun and you can't see a badge. A warrant officer will show you the badge WHEN HE CAN IN ORDER TO DIFFUSE THE SITUATION SO YOU KNOW YOU AREN'T BEING TAKEN DOWN BY A RIVAL GANG OR WHATEVER.

See, by law, as soon as we have you in custody, we are "en loco parentis" which means you can't kill you without just cause, we can't beat you up, we can't interrogate you, no. We can search you and enter everything on your person into evidence FOR OUR OWN PROTECTION. Warrant officers are NOT allowed to search your personal effects. We are not there to look for drugs or papers or anything. We are there to do a "scoop and scoot". And we have to make sure you are given medical treatment such as required to keep you alive, we are required to give you food and water as required to maintain your HEALTH, NOT JUST YOUR LIFE and we must do this en-route to our county sheriff. We cannot detain you any longer than is humanly possible to deliver you to the bench your warrant comes from and failing that, the county sheriff.

Just a side-note, I've done very few invasive or hostile busts. This whole "Dog The Bounty Hunter" is a study on how NOT to do it.

Back to the nice lady in her house. Very high stress situation. If you were a young armed patriot upstairs hearing what sounds just like a home invasion "under color of law", in other words an unlawful entry by law enforcement, the "law" is clear: we have a right to resist unlawful violence by ANYONE including those in blue.

HOWEVER, AS SOON AS YOU HEAR "WARRANT OFFICER" OR "BONDSMAN" you better think twice about the situation.

And a man identifying himself as a warrant officer of any kind who is backed up by sheriff's deputies, well, ease off the trigger finger, every finger that's not on a video camera.

And I don't care what your state law is, you have a right to record and document anything that happens in your own house, you don't have to tell them you are recording.


Comment by April Glunt
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NEW UPDATE: Visit or to see that an Internal Investigation Has Begun!

Temper...Forget the donuts - that 1 guy looks like he ate her dog whole and the neighbors cats...No wonder the Army didn't accept him! 

Comment by Anonymous
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Too much of these story is missing to make a competent judgement - - except - - it is quite obvious these cops have made 20 or 30 too many donut runs.