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(D-IL)Phil Hare Doesn't Care...about the Constitution: AND SAYS SO ON CAMERA

Rep Phil Hare, a Democrat of Illinois, in a Town Hall meeting about the recent passage of the Health Care bill Citizen: What about the Constitution? Hare: I don't care about the Constitution on this, to be honest with you Citizen2: Jackpot, brother! Hare: You know what I care about? I care more about the people that are dying every day that don't have health care. Citizen2: You care more about that than the US Constitution that you swore to uphold?? Hare: I believe that it says that we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Citizen2: OK Citizen3: That's the Declaration of Independence. Hare: That doesn't matter to me. Either one. Citizen 2: It clearly doesn't matter to you. It is so clear that it doesn't matter. Hare: You don't know what matters to me. [voice rising] What was your question again? Citizen3: Where in the Constitution does it give you the authority... Hare: I don't know. Citizen3: That's what I thought. Hare: At the end of the day